Lola’s Lifestyle

I love writing about my experiences, and I hope you will be able to find them useful, or at least, funny. Here are the things I write about:

SELF-THERAPY– This is me, figuring out who I am, what I need, what I want, and everything along the way to keeping my heart happy. I’ll spill my guts, try new things, find my voice, and I’ll probably get tears all over my keyboard sometimes, either from laughing or crying. Because, yeah, all of that happens sometimes.

CRAFTS – This is me, loving paper and crafty things in general. I’ll make some stuff. Some of it will turn out beautifully. Some of it won’t.

FINANCE– This is me, not knowing how to add and subtract very well, trying to navigate my way through being financially stable.

HOME – This is me, making my house a happy home for me and my family. I’ll share my successes – and failures – at organizing, cleaning, crafting, momming, and whatever else nice people are doing in their houses to make it a better one.

FOOD – This is me, doing two of my favorite things: cooking and baking. Oh, wait, I forgot eating. I guess this is me, doing three of my favorite things.

LOLA’S FAVORITE THINGS – This is me, sharing my very favorite things with you. These are not sponsored products unless someone fancy wants to send me something, and I’ll give you my honest review.

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