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I’m Alyssa, but my parents called me Lola when I was a little bird. I was born and raised in Texas, and my husband and I are lucky enough to still call it home.

I’m thirty-something, married to Marc, mama to Maggie and Ruby, and soaking up every day of life in hopes of learning something new. Between working full-time and taking care of my family, I like to write and make stuff.

I don’t have fancy secret recipes, flawless photography, or the answers to your problems, and I struggle with depression and anxiety. But I do love trying new things, writing stories, and marching to the beat of my own drum. I also like to watch obscure YouTube videos, buy scrapbook supplies, take naps, and make my family smile.

That’s the five-minute version. Stick around if you want to figure it all out with me.

Other things to note about Lola:

ONE. Knowing Lola is meant to be a safe space to speak freely. I hope you take the time to get to know me. We might have more in common than you think.

TWO. Lola writes about the hard stuff, including anxiety, depression, day-to-day struggling, and suicidal thoughts. I don’t choose these things. They chose me, and I am learning to deal with them. Wanna come with me? Wanna hold hands?

THREE. Lola acknowledges her white privilege and strives to constantly educate herself while using her unearned benefits to rally for those who do not have those benefits.

FOUR. Lola is an LGBTQ ally, and will not tolerate hate on this page, or in her life.

FIVE. Lola says bad words sometimes. The F-word is my favorite. That doesn’t make me a bad guy. The end.


[NOTE: Think of this blog as my living room: a comfortable space that I’m inviting you to. Sometimes, in my living room, I drop the f-bomb, and other colorful language. If that makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have to sit on the couch. I invite you to enjoy yourself here in my safe, loving space, but it’s totally cool if you want to wait outside too.]

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