Closets Aren’t For Crying, and Other Helpful Hints

Instead of apologizing for being gone for so long (again), I’m forgiving myself and skipping straight to it.

SHAZAM! A month’s gone by and we’ve moved from our small rental house into our MANSION (ok, fine, four bedroom house) that we never thought we’d be able to buy. I thought about sharing a helpful checklist for moving folks, and then I remembered that I unpacked a few boxes labeled “KITCHEN – I think?” and “CRAFT ROOM – Probably?” I’ll be leaving that helpful post for someone else to do, mkay?


Last week, Marc and I celebrated our “date-iversary” (13 years together!), and by celebrate, I mean I cried in my closet because I’ve been a little (TOTALLYBATSHITCRAZY) stressed out lately. Is anyone else crying in their closet? Why aren’t all of you posting that shit on Facebook? Your perfect photos of your perfect life are making me feel badly about the dinner I just microwaved for my family.

But seriously, it’s been a weird time for me, and I debated whether or not to write about being depressed, because it’s not an easy thing to write about or even understand. I’m just going out on a limb and guessing that some of you have cried in a closet before, from depression or just having a plain ol’ bad day, and maybe you’ll find solace knowing that there are other Closet-Criers too.

I really, really wanted to write a list of helpful ways to deal with anxiety, but again, I’m not sure the person who ate a mint chocolate chip popsicle in bed last night while laying completely horizontally is qualified to share healthy tips and tricks on how to deal with things when they come flying at you.

So what do I write about? What can I share? I don’t have a good sugar cookie recipe, and if I did, I’d probably eat all the dough before I made the cookies. So it seems as though I don’t have anything helpful to share with you, except maybe this:

If you’re struggling, or lost, or lonely, or hopeless, or down, or overwhelmed, or any of those shitty things, surround yourself with people who let you raise your hand and admit all those things without judgment. There is not a person in my circle that doesn’t know I’m struggling right now, and they’ve all been there to listen and offer support, and I am so grateful for that. I am lucky to have a community of friends- like, REAL FRIENDS, including family, that I can say anything to, and they get it, and love me anyway. I can’t express how important it is to share, and not keep things inside, because if you’re anything like me, you’ll end up doing stuff that isn’t something the Real You would be proud of when you see the sunshine again. Hang in there, fellow magical human being! We will be magical again soon.

My hope is that when you cry in a closet, no matter what the reason, that it ends quickly, and that you have people who will love you through it. For what it’s worth, I will. Love you forever, friends.