Handwritten Letter Love

There is something really special about getting REAL letters in the mailbox. If your mail stack looks anything like mine, you might get tired of Capital One and local dentists begging for your attention. I’m in marketing, so I get it. Those are actually thought-out efforts, but a letter! A real letter. That’s special. I decided it was a good weekend to begin a marketing effort of my own: more handwritten letters. I started with an envelope I received from a friend in a “junk swap.” (Sudden Blog Idea: “10 Ways to Know You’re Really 100 Years Old”). IMG_2996I used my 2-inch paper punch and popped these adorable circles from the Dear Lizzy Documentary collection stack I just got from Michaels for $6.99. Three cheers for Paper Hoarders – hip! hip! hooray! IMG_2994There is also something therapeutic about carefully punching out circles into a pile of beautiful paper.IMG_2991I folded my white cardstock into three before I started gluing anything down, so I wouldn’t end up pasting a circle on a fold, something I’ve learned from past experience.
IMG_2997I pasted down some circles in random little spots, and started my letter with my calligraphy marker, even though that’s an art I haven’t mastered. 
IMG_2998I didn’t take a photo of the actual letter I wrote, because it’s personal and raw, and that’s the point, right? I also ended up taking on this weird Jane Austen tone, and totally went with it, because again, why not? It was actually super fun using the word “whilst” in a completely serious way.IMG_2999The easiest was to dress up a letter with one extra little step is a little bit of washi tape. I had a friend send out Christmas cards with a little bit of washi, and upon seeing it in my mailbox, I immediately yelled OUT LOUD: “Who is this crafty person whose shit is this pulled together in the month of December?” I was impressed.IMG_2995I finished it up with my new little toy – The Lettermate – the most exciting $10 I’ve spent in a while. I saw it in Pinterest (of course) and had to have it. I tried it with a skinny black marker and I heeded their advice: start with all caps so you don’t have to worry about hanging letters, and they were right. Even my caps need a little bit of work. But HEY, again, the point is to share the love, so just do it your way.IMG_3001In this busy, crazy, techy world we live in, it’s nice to take a step back every now and then and do something really old fashioned. I hope you get a chance to write a handwritten note to someone you love.








3 thoughts on “Handwritten Letter Love

  1. First off, YAY FOR ME. I’m totally anxious for that to come in the mail!!!

    Second, I love sending handwritten mail. I love that you and I do this. I know we’ve sent pick me up love notes in the past and I’m so anxious to get your letter so I can send one back and we can be old school pen pals and bffs forever. Mmkaythanks.

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