It’s 2015 Now: My Resolutions for a Healthy, Happy Year

Happy 2015, friends!

I really mean that. Let’s be happy in 2015.

I have resolutions for this year! But they are flexible, because my Life Resolution is to be happy, peaceful, and full of love, whatever that means. Sometimes that means leaving the dishes in the sink, dipping your pizza in that fake garlic butter sauce, or staying in your pajamas all day. And I’m okay with that.

This year, I will remember my sweet Maggie Dylan Bird when I’m standing in front of a mirror tugging at fat and body parts that are different than what they used to be. I’ll remember that she was worth it, and I’ll remember that she is watching me. I’ll remember that she is my greatest accomplishment, and that to me, she is perfect and amazing in every way. And I’ll remember that some people think that same thing about me too.

This year, I will be more conscious of what I eat and what I feed my family, and I’m hoping it will be mostly healthy. But I also know it will mean we will eat carrot cake and Whataburger sometimes.

This year, I will be more conscious of my health in general, and I’m hoping that means more yoga and water. But I also know it will mean taking naps and watching two movies in a row.

This year, I will allow myself more creativity. I’ll write in my journals, even if what I write is painful to read later. I’ll doodle in my sketchbooks, even if they’re not worth writing home about. I’ll get paint under my fingernails, and glue in my hair.

This year, I will date my boyfriend, Marc, because he has saved both Maggie and me up from despair on more than one occasion. He’s warmed her bottles, and chilled mine. He’s changed her shitty diapers and my shitty attitude. He’s been more of a supportive dad and husband than Mags and I could have ever dreamed of.

This year, I will organize my home so that it’s easy to admire all the things that make our lives easier and happier. I will let go of clutter, and make room for functionality.

My heart has been filled by my family, my job, my home, and the life I’ve been given. How grateful I am for these. I hope your resolutions bring you the happiness and light that I know mine will bring me. Happy New Year to you!

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